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2024 Album

Adventures in 432 Hz

In mid-2023, Nolan began collaborating with Rory in studio sessions which would eventually become the EP Adventures in 432 Hz.

These songs are a blend of electronic, hip-hop, and jazz. We combine the organic sounds of jazzy electric guitars with synths, samples, and drums for a unique and experimental blend that could perhaps fall into subgenres such as trip-hop, jazztronica, or lo-fi chill hip-hop. 

Featured Tracks:

★ Adam’s Groove
★ Holiday Eve Movement

2024 Single

Eye of the Storm

In Spring of 2024, Rory collaborated with the talented composer/pianist/vocalist Melissa New.

For their first collaboration, they went into a neo-classical direction that combines electronic elements with orchestral sounds such as cello, violin, and piano and ethereal vocals by Melissa.

Melissa may appear as a featured guest from time to time on future The Natalie Effect material.


Melissa New

2023 EP

A Smile, A Mocktail, A Reason to Continue

Featured Tracks:

★ A Song for Arianna (Wherever She Is Gardening)
★ The Freshest French Fried Frequencies, Friend