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"A Smile, A Mocktail, A Reason to Continue" (2023)

Step into a world where experimental electronic meets folk, where indietronica takes flight and boundaries blur. “A Smile, A Mocktail, A Reason to Continue” is an enchanting album that captivates the senses, transporting listeners to ethereal realms of imagination.

"A Song for Arianna (Wherever She Is Gardening)"

Let the music transport you to serene landscapes, where the green thumb of Arianna nurtures dreams and inspires hope.

This ethereal composition intertwines delicate melodies and intricate textures, painting a vivid soundscape where lush gardens come to life.

"The Freshest French Fried Frequencies, Friend"

Surrender to its playful energy and allow the whimsical melodies to lead you on a journey where imagination knows no limits.

This vibrant and dynamic track combines catchy melodies with pulsating beats, creating a symphony of sound that defies categorization.